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Scheda Informativa: “Food for Health” – Cibo per la Salute

Contaminanti Ambientali e pesticidi             Più di 80.000 nuovi prodotti chimici e 20 milioni di sottoprodotti commercializzati a partire dalla seconda guerra mondiale. Dal 1945, produzione globale di pesticidi aumentata di circa 26 volte: da 0,1 a 2,7 milioni di tonnellate. La tossicità di alcuni pesticidi ha continuato ad aumentare: gli attuali pesticidi sono da […]

Leh Declaration – Earth Journey to Ladakh

“Today, 6th August 2018, Ladakh Autonomous Hill Council joins hands with the government of Sikkim, Navdanya and LEHO in Mission Organic Himalaya 2030“ Leh Declaration, 6th August 2018 “While the Himalaya and Ladakh shape the climate of Asia, climate change driven by fossil fuel use over 200 years of industrialization is now changing the climate […]

Indonesia: an Agroecology Mobilization

Indonesia is a country with complex dynamics, rich in diversity, both in biological and sociocultural terms, which is paying the price of the myopic subjugation to the dogmas of productivity, without realizing the damage caused by it to the environment and its inhabitants. Indonesia’s civil society, however, is beginning to realize the dangers on the […]

La transizione dal Controllo Corporativo all’Economia Democratica

Un Manifesto Economia Democratica: la gente, la natura, l’ambiente, il lavoro La globalizzazione messa in atto dalle multinazionali è una guerra contro il pianeta e la gente. I poteri che operano nel mercato e i moderni sistemi economici, basati su un uso intensivo di risorse e sulla massimizzazione dei profitti, stanno creando il caos nel […]

9 domande frequenti sul glifosato e altri pesticidi

1 Cos’è il glifosato e perché dovrebbe preoccuparci? Il glifosato è il principio attivo dei principali erbicidi utilizzati in agricoltura. Dal 1974 negli Stati Uniti, sono stati utilizzati più di 1.6 miliardi di kilogrammi di principio attivo del glifosato, vale a dire il 19% dell’uso globale stimato di glifosato (8.6 miliardi di kilogrammi). A livello […]

The Poison Cartel – Fact Sheet

In just 100 years, the chemicals and technologies of war-based conglomerates, which produced and profited from the chemicals that killed millions of people during the two world wars, have continued their destruction, wiping out millions of species by spreading poisonous agrichemicals, destroying our fragile ecosystems, poisoning our soils and entire web of life, undermining every […]

Gmo Myths

Building on the propaganda about the benefits of chemical agriculture, the agrochemical/biotechnology industry has promoted in the last decades the false promise that its genetically engineered crops would feed the world, produce higher yields, resist climate change and reduce the use of pesticides. But none of these promises has been fulfilled: The vast majority of […]

Annam: Food as Health

The book creates awareness on healthy eating so that disease & hunger burdened in the Indian people is removed an India emerges as a strong nation based on Biodiversity organic farming a healthy people. The contributors of the book, all eminent expert from their field will be creating a think tank on the linkages between […]

The Monsanto Papers

The first batch of Monsanto Papers were published in early 2017. The dossier contained hundreds of internal emails of Monsanto, as well as its correspondence with US Federal Agencies, the content of which revealed the magnitude of collusion between Monsanto and the EPA in order to undermine the investigation of the potential hazard of Glyphosate […]

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