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Plants, Planet & People – The Living Earth and Climate Change

Author: Dr Vandana Shiva Earth care and the regeneration of biodiversity and living soil is the most effective and revolutionary Climate Action in times of extinction. The solutions to Food Crisis, Biodiversity Erosion and the Climate emergency lie in making peace with the Earth , recognising that the Earth is living, her biodiversity and biosphere […]

The Story of Rice

As one of the most important and most widely produced staple crops in the world, the story of rice is deeply tied to place and time. Throughout Asia, has always had a deeper significance than just a basic food, it holds an important place in cultural ceremonies and rituals, is a connector and creator of […]

Bill Gates e le sue false soluzioni ai cambiamenti climatici

Le correzioni tecnologiche non salveranno il nostro pianeta Nel suo ultimo libro, Come evitare il disastro climatico. Le soluzioni di oggi, le sfide di domani, Bill Gates, co-fondatore di Microsoft, delinea un piano per arrestare il riscaldamento globale riducendo a zero le emissioni di gas serra. Un fatto che sembra un po’ ironico, dato che […]

Il Forum delle Nazioni Unite sui sistemi alimentari (Unfss): dove le multinazionali continuano a definire i nostri sistemi alimentari e a controllare le nostre diete

Il Forum delle Nazioni Unite sui sistemi alimentari (Unfss) non offre il cambiamento di paradigma che sarebbe così urgentemente necessario per raggiungere la sovranità alimentare, la resilienza climatica e un sistema alimentare più equo. Al contrario, mantiene la stessa struttura di potere e comporta un’ulteriore colonizzazione dei cibi e delle diete locali. Il vertice si […]

The Earth Care Handbook

Download pdf Based on: Earth Democracy: Connecting the Rights of Mother Earth to People’s Rights and the Well-being of All, Navdanya, Mother Earth Day, 2021 Author: Dr Vandana Shiva with Navdanya Team Earth Rising The denial of nature’s rights has led to destruction of nature and now threatens the very conditions of human survival. The […]

Alimentos & Residuos de Agrotóxicos en la Argentina

Download pdf Analysis and classification of the results of SENASA’s official controls on the presence of pesticides in fruits, vegetables, cereals and oilseeds, between 2017 and 2019, throughout Argentina. 222 Pages. Naturaleza de Derechos. February 2021. —————- Excerpt in Spanish from the publication Food for Health Manifesto Cultivating Biodiversity, Cultivating Health Coordinated by Navdanya International […]

Gates Ag One: The Recolonisation Of Agriculture

Download pdf In January 2020, the Gates foundation launched “The Bill & Melinda Gates Agricultural Innovations LLC”, also known as “Gates Ag One”. Gates Ag One was formulated to be a subsidiary of the Gates Foundation and is to be led by Joe Cornelius, the previous director of the BMGF Global Growth & Opportunity Division. […]