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Bill Gates & His Fake Solutions to Climate Change

Browse: Techno Fixes will not Save our Planet – The Imposition of a Failed Agriculture Model Global Commission on Adaptation – Breakthrough Energy Ventures: The Revolving Door for “Super Emitters” The False Promise of Fake Food – Biodiversity and Agroecology are True Solutions to Climate Change – Download pdf   Techno Fixes will not Save […]

Gates to a Global Empire

over Seed, Food, Health, Knowledge …and the Earth – The report gathers evidence and throws light on the dangers of philanthrocapitalism, which is boosting the corporate takeover of our seed, agriculture, food, knowledge and global health systems, manipulating information and eroding our democracies.  Over the last 30 years it has emerged as a major force, […]

Il Futuro del cibo – Biodiversità e agroecologia per un’alimentazione sana e sostenibile

Il rapporto riunisce esperti internazionali, raccoglie testimonianze di resistenza globale contro il sistema agroalimentare industriale, annovera esempi di buone pratiche tra agricoltori, comunità locali e organizzazioni della società civile, come parte della campagna di Navdanya International Per un cibo e un’agricoltura liberi da veleni. Il rapporto offre, in prosecuzione del lavoro della Commissione Internazionale sul […]

The Future of our Daily Bread: Regeneration or Collapse

Our Food Systems are collapsing ecologically, socially and financially: an agroecological alternative  has become a survival imperative. Download Pdf Navdanya presents new evidence on the imminent collapse of our food systems – ecologically, socially and financially, if we continue on the path of industrial agriculture, based on chemicals, monocultures and corporate control of food and […]

Manifesto Food for Health

La misura è colma. I suoli avvelenati dalle sostanze chimiche tossiche, il modello industriale che sta soffocando la libera agricoltura su piccola scala uccidendo la biodiversità, la standardizzazione di cibi deprivati dei loro nutrienti, gli interessi enormi che guidano multinazionali e governi negando tutele ai cittadini consumatori: tutto ciò rappresenta una realtà, oggi, che sta […]

Indonesia: an Agroecology Mobilization

Indonesia is a country with complex dynamics, rich in diversity, both in biological and sociocultural terms, which is paying the price of the myopic subjugation to the dogmas of productivity, without realizing the damage caused by it to the environment and its inhabitants. Indonesia’s civil society, however, is beginning to realize the dangers on the […]

Annam: Food as Health

The book creates awareness on healthy eating so that disease & hunger burdened in the Indian people is removed an India emerges as a strong nation based on Biodiversity organic farming a healthy people. The contributors of the book, all eminent expert from their field will be creating a think tank on the linkages between […]

Seeds of Hope, Seeds of Resilience

Seeds of Hope, Seeds of Resilience – How Biodiversity and Agroecology offer Solutions to Climate Change by Growing Living Carbon The last two centuries of dependence on fossil fuels has created multiple distortions in our view of the world, of our production and consumption systems, of our ideas of efficiency and productivity, of our ideas […]

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