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On the occasion of the 28th Climate COP, Navdanya International presents “Regeneration is Life – An Agroecological Paradigm to Overtake the Climate Crisis

There are two main paradigms of thinking of ourselves in the world and of our relationship with the Earth. We either think of ourselves as being separate from Nature or as being one and part of it.

The industrial agriculture paradigm, which sees the world as a machine, and not as a self-organized living system, has created devastation on the planet through extraction and exploitation. Together, the ecologically destructive practices of the industrial agriculture paradigm account for 29% of all greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), making the global food system one of the main culprits behind climate change and environmental degradation. Acting as if the world were a machine undermines and eventually destroys living processes and organic systems.

Following our Biodiversity is Life booklet, which showcases the deep interconnections between our health and the health of our ecosystems and planet, this new booklet lays out how, today more than ever we need the agroecological cultures of the world to take the forefront and show us what it means to be rooted in harmony with the Earth. The aim should be to work alongside nature to restore its biodiversity and rejuvenate its natural cycles to produce Real Food. These solutions already exist and are being implemented by local, diverse food communities around the world. Showing us that it is possible to walk a path of living in harmony with nature. We are part of the Earth’s systems, our food is a continuum of health from the ecosystems of the earth. We are deeply and inherently interconnected.

The real solution to the ecological and climate crisis does not lie in creating substitutes for food or expanding the industrial paradigm, but in scaling the initiatives all over the world that are already working on healing our connection with the Earth through care.

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