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Alimentos & Residuos de Agrotóxicos en la Argentina

Download pdf Analysis and classification of the results of SENASA’s official controls on the presence of pesticides in fruits, vegetables, cereals and oilseeds, between 2017 and 2019, throughout Argentina. 222 Pages. Naturaleza de Derechos. February 2021. —————- Excerpt in Spanish from the publication Food for Health Manifesto Cultivating Biodiversity, Cultivating Health Coordinated by Navdanya International […]

Bees and Agrotoxics

We present a compendium of quality, robust, indexed peer-reviewed articles that provide scientific evidence of the damage caused by pesticides to pollinators – particularly  honeybees. The selection of articles comes out of a collective effort, including contributions from beekeepers and social organizations, as well as recommendations by researchers. The topics covered by the studies on […]

ALL YOU SEED IS LOVE – Tutto ciò che semini è amore

ALL YOU SEED IS LOVE – Tutto ciò che semini è amore è un libro illustrato per bambini (e non solo) dedicato ai semi, agli alberi che dai semi lentamente esplodono, al potere creativo della natura, e dei nostri pensieri positivi, che dalla natura sono ispirati. Secondo la spiritualità dei pellerossa Lakota la mente, con […]

Campi di battaglia

Campi di battaglia

L’agricoltura industriale si basa sul consumo intensivo di combustibili fossili, impiegati per produrre fertilizzanti e pesticidi e per alimentare il sistema agricolo globale. Se è vero che le applicazioni della chimica e della meccanizzazione all’agricoltura hanno assicurato rese tali da soddisfare i fabbisogni alimentari di un numero enorme di persone, è altrettanto vero che negli […]

Pulse of Life: The Rich Biodiversity of Edible Legumes

As an offering to The Year of the Pulses and to commemorate the 30th anniversary year of Navdanya, we bring you Pulse of Life, the Rich Biodiversity of Edible Legumes. The book is our response to the spread of monocultures through chemical, industrial and unfair farming systems, which have destroyed our food systems, our farmers, […]

Bhoole Bisre Anaj (Forgotten foods)

A full account of India’s forgotten foods – millets & their nutrition value & recipes. Millets are wonder seed and its nutritional value is incomparable with wheat. This book strongly advocates Millets as our primary food for the sake of our health as well as for our food diversity.

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