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El impulso corporativo a los alimentos sintéticos: Soluciones falsas que ponen en peligro nuestra salud y dañan el planeta

Por Navdanya International – Allpa, 19 de Julio, 2022 | Fuente La comida artificial es perjudicial para la transición ecológica ¿Cómo podemos sanar nuestra relación con la comida en la era de la comida artificial? En respuesta a las crisis en nuestro sistema alimentario, estamos presenciando el surgimiento de soluciones tecnológicas que tienen como objetivo […]

The Story of Rice

As one of the most important and most widely produced staple crops in the world, the story of rice is deeply tied to place and time. Throughout Asia, has always had a deeper significance than just a basic food, it holds an important place in cultural ceremonies and rituals, is a connector and creator of […]

Bill Gates y sus Falsas Soluciones para el Cambio Climático

Los Arreglos Tecnológicos No Salvaran a Nuestro Planeta En su último libro, Cómo evitar un desastre climático: Las soluciones que ya tenemos y los avances que aún necesitamos, el cofundador de Microsoft, Bill Gates, expone un plan para detener el calentamiento global por medio de la reducción a cero de las emisiones de gases de […]

Gates to a Global Empire

over Seed, Food, Health, Knowledge …and the Earth – The report gathers evidence and throws light on the dangers of philanthrocapitalism, which is boosting the corporate takeover of our seed, agriculture, food, knowledge and global health systems, manipulating information and eroding our democracies.  Over the last 30 years it has emerged as a major force, […]

The Future of Food – Farming with Nature, Cultivating the Future

The report brings together international experts and gathers evidence of global resistance against the industrial agrifood system, as well as examples of good ecological practices among farmers, local communities and civil society organizations, as part of Navdanya International’s campaign for Poison-free Food and Farming. In continuation of the work of the International Commission on the […]

Food for Health Manifesto

The Food for Health Manifesto aims to give voice, hope and future to all those who wish to commit themselves to act and consume in keeping with a new sustainable food for health paradigm. Additionally, this Manifesto is intended to be used as a tool to help mobilize the urgent  transition to local, ecological and diversified […]