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The Future of Diversity, Justice and Freedom

7th February






Earth Democracy, Biodiversity and Rights of Seeds

13th – 15th February 2021







From Water Wars to Water Peace: Ecological Solution to Water Emergency

1st to 3rd March 2021





Earth Democracy & Ecofeminism: The Creative Power of Nature & Women

6th to 8th March 2021




Biodiversity as a Bridge to Happiness

20 March 2021





Soil not oil: regenerating Biodiversity and soil to address Climate change

15th to 17th April 2021



Register at: earthuniversity@navdanya.net ; +91 (0) 135-2693025
Check this page for more details on programmes, courses, internship opportunities, visitors guide, application forms.

Past Events

Earth Democracy School
Creating Living Economies, Living Democracy and Living Cultures

17th to 19th December, 2020




Return to Earth: A-Z of Earth Democracy, Agroecology and Regenerative Agriculture
Living Solutions to Health, Food and Climate Emergency

5th to 11th October, 2020




Ahimsa : Non Violence, Compassion and Truth for Justice and Peace in Society and with the Earth

1st to 4th November 2020






Earth Democracy, Living Soil & Rights of the Land

12th to 14th January, 2021

At Navdanya Bija Vidyapeeth – Earth University





More information

Bija Vidyapeeth – Earth University

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