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05 Gennaio, 2023
12:00 pm
Online, Online

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5 January 2023 – 11am GMT

For over four decades, Vandana Shiva, has vociferously advocated for farmers’ rights, indigenous knowledge, diversity, localisation, and real democracy. She has been at the forefront of seed-saving, food sovereignty, and connecting the dots between the destruction of nature and indiscriminate corporate greed. In her keynote talk, Dr. Shiva will reflect on a life of activism, recounted in her new memoir, Terra Viva. She shares memories of her childhood in post-partition India, and reflects on how she was called to activism by the powerful Chipko movement– whose women were ‘the real custodians of biodiversity-related knowledge.’ She discusses how she later worked alongside some of the world’s most celebrated activists and environmentalists fighting for a more habitable planet and healthier democracies. With the challenges revealed by the COVID crisis, the privatisation of biotechnology, and the commodification of our biological and natural resources, Dr Shiva illuminates a path forward and continues to inspire new generations of activists along the way.

Speaker: Vandana Shiva
Chair: Jyoti Fernandes



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