09 aprile, 2019
2:00 pm
Eurac Research, Viale Druso Drususallee, 1, 39100 Bozen, Italy

BEST ECONOMY forum 2019

The founders and partners of the BEST ECONOMY forum are hosting an international discussion platform for companies who have been successful in implementing sustainability strategies. The event aims to discuss and develop genuine and realistic models of sustainability. From 9 to 11 April 2019 in Bolzano, South-Tyrol.

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The programme:

Day 1 – Tuesday, 9.4.2019

14:00 Press conference

17:00 Doors Open and registration

18:00 Opening of the even, Opening by Manfred Jotter (Economy for the common good), Carola Petrone (BIO HOTELS), Jan Plagge (Bioland),, Opening words – Patron: Arno Kompatscher (Governor of South Tyrol)

Keynote “we have the responsibility“ on “acting sustainably – making sense” Dr. Auma Obama
Followed by an open discussion

Our motivation – more than just a vision of a new economy

Antje von Dewitz (CEO VAUDE Sport)
Fritz Fessler (Board of Directors Cooperative GWO)
Dr. Franz Ehrensperger (President of Qualitätsgemeinschaft Bio-Mineralwasser e.V.)
Julia Mayer (Fokus Zukunft)
Dr. Bettina Richter (Global Business Manager, 3M)

Afterwards “get together” with fringe programme, South Tyrolean organic specialities and the South Tyrolean Band “Homeless”

Day 2 – Wednesday, 10.4.2019

08:00 Doors Open and registration

09:00 Beginning of the event “because we are the instrument“ Markus Prieth

09:30 Keynotes Martina Joseph (CEO Dr. Hauschka ), Christian Felber (Economy for the common good), Introduction to Focus groups, Jan Plagge (IFOAM-EU president)

10:30 – 11:15 Break

11:15 – 13:15 FOCUS groups Part I

Ethical ecomony (Eng.)

Christian Felber (Economy for a common good )
Antje von Dewitz (CEO VAUDE Sport)
Moderation: Evelyn Oberleiter (Terra Institut South Tyrol)

Imagining the circular economy (Eng.)

Günter Reifer (Terra Institut Südtirol)
Jan Plagge (President IFOAM EU)
Moderation: Emma Dalväg (Coest, Sweden)

Justice for the Global South (Ger.)

Boniface Mabanza (Literary scientist, philosopher and theologian)
Ellen Ehmke (oxFam Deutschland e.V. )
Moderation: Fritz Lietsch (editor of the magazine “forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften”)

Real prices for fair markets (Eng.)

Inka Sachse (Soil & More Impacts, NL,)
Heini Staudinger (GEA Waldviertler),
Moderation: Eduardo Cuoco (CEO IFOAM-EU)

New forms of organization for new forms of economy (Ger.)

Wolfgang Gutberlet (Executive Partner W-E-G GmbH & Co.KG)
Armin Steuernagel (Purpose Stiftung)
Moderation: Christine Brandmeir (Bioland e.V.)

Money with meaning (Ger.)

Dr. Daniel Sieben (Triodos Bank)
Fritz Fessler (Board of Directors Cooperative GWO)
Moderation: Bernward Geier (Colabora)

More than hotel (Ger.)

Michaela Reitterer (Boutiquehotel Stadthalle, Vienna)
Prof. Harald Pechlaner (EURAC Bolzano)
Moderation: Zita Langenstein (GastroSuisse)

13:15 – 14:30 Lunch break

14:30 Group photo

15:00 FOCUS groups Part 2

17:00 Flash in a different way  Improvisation theatre “Theatersport Berlin”

18:00 “Get together” with evening catering

20:00 Movie night: “The organic rebells of the Himalayas” (ZDF documentary 28 min) followed by a round of talks with the filmmaker Bernward Geier

Day 3 – Thursday, 11.4.2019

08:30 GREEN Start-up-Rallye

10 start-up present innovations in environmental and social sustainability

09:30 Results from the focus groups, Demands for today. Tomorrow. The day after tomorrow.

10:15 Break

11:00 Thoughts for the future:

How the BEST ECONOMY will drive the transformation of the economy
Allysa Jade Mc Donald (CEO Blyss Chocolate)
Tobias Bandel (Soil & More Impacts)
Wolfgang Gutberlet (Executive Partner W-E-G GmbH & Co.KG)
Dr. Daniel Sieben (Triodos Bank)
Boniface Mabanza (Literary scientist, philospher and theologian)
Michaela Reitterer (Botiquehotel Statdthalle Wien)
Martina Joseph (CEO Dr. Hauschka )

11:45 How can we bring Besteconomy and Bestecology together? Vandana Shiva

12:30 Signature of the Manifesto

Closing words of Jan Plagge (IFOAM-EU president)

13:00 End of the event

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