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Appello all’azione 2023

–Dal 2 al 16 ottobre 2023 (e oltre…), Vi invitiamo a organizzare assemblee popolari, eventi o azioni. Ovunque voi siate, nei parchi, nelle piazze, nei giardini, nelle scuole e nelle comunità per reclamare e rimodellare il nostro sistema alimentare...

Diverse Women for Diversity

The Diverse Women for Diversity (DWD), an international network of women, emerged as a Southern response to the threats to cultural and biological diversity posed by globalisation. Founded in 1997, following the Conference on Plant Genetic Resources in Leipzig...

Call to Action for Poison-free Food & Farming

Join us in celebrating in a new series of events and actions from 2nd to 16th October (and beyond), to celebrate the Earth’s biodiversity and add strength to the movement for poison-free, fossil-fuel free organic communities.