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Humanity stands at a crossroads. There’s one predictable path to collapse. It’s a road we have been pushed on, through fossil fuels and chemical pesticides, by the Poison Cartel, a handful of war-based conglomerates, which profited from the chemicals that killed millions of people during the two world wars, and have continued their destruction by spreading poisonous agrichemicals, destroying our fragile ecosystems, poisoning our soils and entire web of life, undermining every aspect of our lives for financial profit. This path has given us climate catastrophe, species extinction at 10,000 times more than the normal rate, hunger for 1 billion people, and for another 2 billion, the uncertainty whether they will be able to eat in the next two weeks – including people living in rich countries. This is not a food system, but a path to disease and environmental collapse.

The path that is leading to degeneration and predictable collapse gives us a 10 year window for change. Otherwise, as the Ipcc and Ipbes have shown us, along with many other major studies, in 100 years the human race could be extinct, like it’s happening to other species. It is incumbent upon us to free ourselves and all the other more vulnerable species of our Earth family from the threats of the Poison Cartel and claiming the power back into the hands of the farmers, as well as promoting the alternatives that are actually in the hands of rural communities.

There is indeed another path, that shows us the way to regeneration and to a future.

The perennial path of life is the path of biodiversity, organic farming and local food economies. It’s a way to work without fossil fuels, without poisons, that – through creative and innovative solutions – enables communities to regain their food sovereignty and succeed in making the large agrochemical multinationals of the Poison Cartel irrelevant. It’s a path that nature has walked for 4 billion years, and that we have walked for 10,000 years of farming. We can walk another 10,000 years and leave a legacy for our children. We have to cooperate with biodiversity, we have to prevent the erosion, not just of Biodiversity in nature, but of the knowledge of biodiversity. As it has been said:”A struggle of people against power, is a struggle of memory against forgetting”. Let’s not forget the amazing gifts of nature that are available to heal the planet.

In March 2019 Navdanya International launched the Campaign Poison Free Food and Farming 2030  – an invitation to women and young generations, citizens and people in institutions, indigenous people everywhere, farmers, producers and consumers of food, local communities north and south, from the local to the global, who are already mobilizing to defend the earth and future generations, to create a unified movement for change.

Join us in a new series of events and actions from 2nd to 16th October (and beyond), to celebrate the Earth’s biodiversity and add strength to the movement for poison-free, fossil-fuel free organic communities.

  • Organise an event, add it to our calendar https://seedfreedom.info/events/submit-your-event/ and we will share it. It can be a meeting, a workshop, a demonstration, a petitions, a seed exchange, a garden planting, an organic farm tour. Unleash your creativity! Hashtag #PoisonFreeFoodFarming
  • Join the Network for Poison-free Food & Farming: Creating Poison-free Food and Farming – Rejuvenating Biodiversity, Growing Organic – Sign the Pledge
  • Write to us to let us know about your ideas and work, as well as issues, projects and actions in your community, and learn more on how to get involved. Contact form


2nd October – Gandhi’s birth anniversary (UN International Day of Non-violence)

Satyagraha for a Sacred Economy, by Dr Vandana Shiva
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16th October – World Food Day

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Image source: An Interview with Dr Vandana Shiva – Roar Magazine, 27 December 2017 https://roarmag.org/magazine/seed-freedom-future-farming/