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Author: Dr Vandana Shiva

Earth care and the regeneration of biodiversity and living soil is the most effective and revolutionary Climate Action in times of extinction.

The solutions to Food Crisis, Biodiversity Erosion and the Climate emergency lie in making peace with the Earth , recognising that the Earth is living, her biodiversity and biosphere regulate her climate, and are the ecological foundation of food production. The more closely and intimately we work in partnership with nature according to ecological laws, the more we serve Mother Earth and care for her , the more we intensify photosynthetic activity and increase biodiversity and biomass, we conserve and regenerate biodiversity. Biodiversity regeneration and intensification allows us to grow diverse, healthy food and reverse
hunger, malnutrition and disease.. The more dense we make the ecological circular economies of nutrition in partnership with nature’s recycling, the more fertile our soils become, we reverse desertification. By recycling carbon and nitrogen while ending our dependence on fossil fuels, we reverse atmospheric pollution and address climate change. Working in partnership with nature to regenerate the biodiversity of her plants and biodiversity in the soil is the real solution to Climate Change.

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