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11 June, 2022
10:30 am
Jardin De Brantes, 441 Chemin De Brantes, Sorgues France

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Photos: Ammar Seeds

“Mothers’ Gardens” is a collective project where traditions, heritage, wisdom, and care practices will be cultivated through shared stories. The project will disseminate, plant and archive these stories and memories, nurturing the invaluable diversity and sovereignty from different cultures for future generations.

SATURDAY – JUNE 11th, 2022

Jardin De Brantes, Sorgues France

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AMMAR Seeds is pleased to launch “Mothers’ Gardens’’ at Jardin de Brantes in Provence, France. The inaugural event will welcome world-renowned environmental leader Vandana Shiva and acclaimed Brazilian chef and activist Bela Gil for two days of talks, knowledge sharing and reflecting on the theme “weaving seeds of dreams”. Shiva and Gil will be joined by leaders from a wide range of fields, all of whom uphold respect for the earth and the transmission of knowledge at the heart of their narratives.

AMMAR Seeds is a project that merges ancestral wisdom with contemporary innovation, interconnecting and spreading knowledge and awareness of the infinite importance of soil, plants, all life, and the food we cook and eat. Through a series of global encounters, AMMAR Seeds aims to create a new mapping and archive of seeds, crops and cuisines, drawing on stories of place and travel to find patterns and possibilities for regeneration.

The event at Jardin de Brantes marks the beginning of a series of encounters where AMMAR Seeds aims to listen to, interconnect with and weave diverse knowledge and thus co-create regenerative ways of living. Over the next three years, we will create spaces for these encounters and dialogues around the world, gathering an embroidered cartography of human displacements and an archive of seeds that carry cultures.


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