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The Food for Health Manifesto, edited by Navdanya International, aims to give voice, hope and future to all those who wish to commit themselves to the actions and ways of consumption towards a sustainable paradigm. What’s more, this Manifesto is a tool for immediate mobilization to claim a transition to local, ecological and diversified food systems. For a near future of which we can already lay the foundations today.

The working group of experts of the Commission for the Future of Food and Agriculture, which gave life to the Manifesto Food for Health, is composed of:

Renata Alleva, Sergio Bernasconi, Piero Bevilacqua, Lucio Cavazzoni, Salvatore Ceccarelli, Guy D’Hallewin, Nadia El-Hage Scialabba, Hilal Elver, Richard Falk, Patrizia Gentilini, Jacopo Gabriele Orlando, Srinath Reddy, Mira Shiva, Vandana Shiva.



Coming Soon: Manifesto for Food and Health in English and Spanish


Introduction and background

Manifesto Food for Health, Cibo per la Salute [Italian Edition]

Terra Nuova Edizioni


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