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Our Food Systems are collapsing Ecologically, Socially and Financially: The Alternative of Agroecology has become a Survival Imperative.

Navdanya presents new evidenceon the imminent collapse of our food systems – ecologically, socially and financially if we continue on the path of industrial agriculture based on chemicals, monocultures and corporate control of food and farming.

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False narratives on feeding the world have been the misleading sign posts that have brought us to the precipice.

First they said chemicals will feed us.
Then they said GMOs will feed us.
The people and planet were left poisoned. Now we are being told ‘Big Data’ will feed us.

The transition from Corporate Control of the food system, which is leading to collapse, is not just a possibility. It has become a necessity if we have to avoid collapse at a social, ecological and financial level.

A transition to agroecology has become a survival imperative to regenerate the planet and farmers livelihoods and create resilient food systems based on real wealth, not the speculative, fictitious finance of Big Money.

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