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As an offering to The Year of the Pulses and to commemorate the 30th anniversary year of Navdanya, we bring you Pulse of Life, the Rich Biodiversity of Edible Legumes. The book is our response to the spread of monocultures through chemical, industrial and unfair farming systems, which have destroyed our food systems, our farmers, and not in the least, our health. It is also an attempt to bring back to memory and reconnect with the amazing diversity of pulses and other legumes Mother Earth has so generously provided for us.

As in the earlier titles of our series The Biodiversity and Food Heritage of India, here too we connect the Seed to the Table, focusing on the cornucopia of edible legumes existing across the world and the equally rich ways of processing, cooking and ecological usages they have given rise to. We have also touched upon the threats to this immensely rich gift of Nature.
Pulses and other legumes, which can both heal our body and our planet as well as provide nutrition security in times of climate change, deserve to be put centre stage.

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