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Indonesia is a country with complex dynamics, rich in diversity, both in biological and sociocultural terms, which is paying the price of the myopic subjugation to the dogmas of productivity, without realizing the damage caused by it to the environment and its inhabitants. Indonesia’s civil society, however, is beginning to realize the dangers on the horizon of a production model that enriches the few, leaving the local population with little economic benefits and major problems especially related to the pollution of water and soil.

The success of the agro-ecological mobilization launched by Navdanya and Jaga Indonesia on the occasion of World Food Day in October 2017, indicates how awareness is growing among citizens, consumers and farmers, who are interested in exploring new models of production which take into account the needs of real people and the environment. Hundreds of farmers, university students, organizations, activists and ordinary citizens took part in the events organized in Jember, Jogjakarta and Bali. The gathering represented an important opportunity to strengthen ties between the associations dealing with agroecology in the territory and the international network to which Navdanya belongs, the organization founded and directed by the Indian scientist Vandana Shiva.

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