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A Message from Dr Vandana Shiva for this Christmas season.

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“Friends from around the world, seeders of the future, it is a time of joy, it is a time of change. We have lived through few decades of a decline in democracy, the degradation of the planet, but i think that around the world the seeding of the future is taking place. That’s what we celebrate this Christmas season, in the new year and all the years to come. The future is ours. It’s seeded it with love and care.” — Vandana Shiva

Navdanya International wishes all its friends, partners and supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, where we keep working together towards the goal of transitioning from a food and agriculture system that is destroying our biodiversity, our soils, our water, our health and democracy, to a new paradigm based on justice, solidarity and peace, on caring for the Earth and each other.

Through campaigns, actions, advocacy and research, we have continued to bring together diverse actors and diverse issues of soil, biodiversity, climate resilience, equity and social justice, to help empower citizens, farmers and movements everywhere to reclaim and defend seed and food sovereignty, and to live in a healthy, poison-free environment.

The rich dialogues, debates and workshops with movements, farmers, policy makers and citizens around the world are laying the ground for a transition to an agroecological poison-free food system for food sovereignty, nutrition and health, climate mitigation and resilience, and economic security.

Thank you for being part of our community. Wishing you a healthy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

Vandana Shiva and the Navdanya International team

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