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The book creates awareness on healthy eating so that disease & hunger burdened in the Indian people is removed an India emerges as a strong nation based on Biodiversity organic farming a healthy people.

The contributors of the book, all eminent expert from their field will be creating a think tank on the linkages between food agriculture and health and task force to inform would the general public and the policy makers.
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ANNAM Executive Summary

India is emerging as an epicentre of major non communicable chronic diseases. Annam: Food as Health, is a book published by Navdanya, the movement for biodiversity in agriculture and in our diet. Annam is written by experts from diverse backgrounds to address this public health emergency, and offer solutions with the backing of the most sophisticated knowledgeand practice.The contributors include ecologists, agroecologists and biodiversity expert , doctors with Ayurveda and allopathic backgrounds, and those practising integrative medicine.

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