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Overcoming Inequalities in a Fractured World: UNRISD Conference, 7-9 November 2018

Source: UNRISD
Published: 14 March  2019

World-renowned eco-feminist and « rock star of the environmental movement », Vandana Shiva, presents her latest book « Oneness vs. The 1% », equal parts a sobering warning on the dangers to human rights and biodiversity of the elite-led extractive economy of our time, and a profound reflection on why this is a unique moment to collectively correct the false construction of capital as the sole force of wealth (and well-being). Her presentation opened the second day of UNRISD conference, « Overcoming Inequalities in a Fractured World: Between Elite Power and Social Mobilization ». UNRISD International Conference is a forum for analysis and dialogue that brought together academics, UN representatives, policy makers and civil society. Learn more: “Inequality is a result of policy choices, it’s not an economic inevitability.” Round-up of the UNRISD Conference Overcoming Inequalities in a Fractured World

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