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Alimento para Saúde

Biodiversidade para um Planeta Saudável e Pessoas Saudáveis Extracto do Manifesto Food for Health – Cultivating Biodiversity, Cultivating Health Projeto Gráfico: Navdanya International Primeira edição, Novembro de 2019 Download Pdf

Road map: the route towards transformation

The transition towards local, ecological and diverse food systems is a social, economic and democratic imperative  Civic actions Save grow and reproduce traditional seed varieties to safeguard biodiversity. They need to be saved not as museum pieces in germplasm banks, but in living Seed Banks as a basis of a health care system Grow Gardens […]

Sardinia Terra Via, Sardigna Terra Bia

Open letter to the Sardinian society The letter shows that “Sardinians strongly request a change, being aware of the opportunity of life in a land still rich in biodiversity, despite the suffered damage and which can still get rid of big financial and economic powers. It can become a garden where the man and the […]