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Join us on Sunday, October 15, 2023 from 4:30 to 7 p.m. at the «Fondazione Est-Ovest,» Via Girolamo Vitelli 20 in Florence, for the event “New GMOs at the Gates. Join the mobilization to stop them” organized by Terra Nuova magazine. The event will bring together members of the ecological movement, including president of Navdanya International Vandana Shiva, to discuss their opposition to the introduction of a new generation of GMOs.

As shown by Navdanya International’s new report, «Nothing New in New GMOs – Gateway to Total Corporate Control«, which will also be presented to the international press for the first time, this next generation of gene-edited organisms have little difference with the first generation of GMOs, and is really just a tool for new corporate consolidation of the food system.

What is really at stake? Why is agribusiness investing billions in this sector and lobbying European politicians? Are “New GMOs” really new and as safe as the industry claims or should an independent investigation be undertaken following the European precautionary principle? What will happen to the growing organic market and to our biodiversity after this irreversible choice? Is our food and seed sovereignty under threat?

Considering the devastating consequences already caused by the industrial food system, pushed through the same false promises of food security, sustainability, and climate adaptation, there is little reason to believe this new era of gene edited organisms will be any different.

New gene editing technologies continue to shift attention away from these real alternatives that can drive ecological regeneration. Now it is more important than ever to protect our food and seed sovereignty. To demand that our democratic governments actually listen to the will of the people, and protect farmers and citizens from the risks of these new technologies, as well as hold corporations responsible for the destruction they’ve caused. The real solutions lie in the creation of ecologically integrated systems based on biodiversity, care and a science that understands and respects the interconnections between life and nature.

Admission is free upon registration

To register: https://www.terranuova.it/nuoviogm2023