18 noviembre, 2024
9:00 am
Navdanya – Doon Valley Biodiversity Farm/Bija Vidyapeeth, Shimla Bypass Road - Dehradun Village Ramgarh / Shishambara - India

Gandhi and the Triple Peace: Peace within, Peace with People and Peace with Nature

A course with Vandana Shiva and Satish Kumar

At the Earth University, Navdanya Biodiversity Farm, near Dehradun, India

From 18th to 22nd of November 2024

For more information email: earthuniversity@navdanya.net

«Peace begins within, with our thoughts and actions.» Satish Kumar

Mahatma Gandhi perceived peace not merely as the absence of conflict, but as a holistic ethos, a lifestyle characterized by internal harmony, communal concordance, and ecological balance. External tranquility is unattainable without inner serenity. We need to establish peace with others, devoid of bias, fostering unity across all divides of nationality, faith, ethnicity, ideology, and gender. Furthermore, reconciliation with nature is imperative for the flourishing of wildlife, forests, oceans, and the entire ecosystem, free from human dominance.

In pursuit of this threefold peace, Gandhi advocated for a decentralized socio-political framework, empowering local communities to cultivate self-sufficiency and assume responsibility for nurturing peace at the grassroots level.

During this five days course, Vandana Shiva and Satish Kumar will explore and explain the relevance of Mahatma Gandhi’s vision for our time and how we can build a future for humanity so that we are not only free from wars and conflicts but we can also live in harmony with ourselves, with all people and with Nature. Come and join this course which will take place on a beautiful biodiverse farm situated in the foothills of the Himalayas.