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25 August, 2020
5:00 pm
Online, Online

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Women with knowledge in action caring for the planet

Vandana Shiva has a natural engaging tone, and for our Girls it was clear from the beginning of this call how involving it would be. Girl MOVERS Jéssica Matavele, Inora and Palloma, and Girl MOVERS Alumni Ilka, Tânia, Notilija and Vera learned about the power of nature, and how, as women, they are born caregivers and natural resource managers. Our girls learned that since the beginning of times women assume a role in agriculture, truth being told “women feed the world”. Vandana believes this nurturing, caring and generous way of being in women is what the planet needs and its salvation. That’s why she left with the desire of our girls to “start a movement from Africa”. Well, challenge accepted!

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