01 fevereiro, 2023
8:00 pm
Goetheanum (and online), Rüttiweg 45, 4143 Dornach, Switzerland

1 February, 20:00-21:15 – Main Auditorium, Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland

Vandana Shiva is the recipient of the Right Livelihood Award and one of the best-known activists for seeds, sustainable agriculture and equality. In her guest lecture, she talks about the ancient wisdom and “sacredness” in ancient agriculture that still thrives in indigenous communities today. How can we rediscover the sacred in agriculture for our time? Can it become the basis for a new agriculture of the future? You are cordially invited to attend the guest lecture with Vandana Shiva.

Read: The Small and the Sacred, by Charles Cross, 16 February 2023

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 Section for Agriculture 

Reflections on Agriculture as a Cultural Impulse

Towards the 100th Anniversary of Biodynamics

Agriculture Conference 2023

1 – 4 February 2023

A year before the centenary of the biodynamic movement, it is time to reflect on the Koberwitz impulse and on the way it evolved in agricultural practice, research and society. In this upcoming conference we take a look at the spiritual sources that express themselves as a cultural impulse throughout the history of agriculture. As individuals and organisations in the biodynamic movement we can also ask ourselves: What has inspired my path? Do I understand my own history? How do I carry these inspirations into the future? In the evolution of agriculture we can recognise the fundamental question: What do human beings and the earth have to do with each other? What links the evolution of agriculture and the history of becoming human? This retrospection can help us awaken the forces of renewal and enable us to recognise – and embrace – the tasks that lie ahead.

With Helmy Abouleish, René Becker, Christopher Brock, Arzu Duran, Jean-Michel Florin, Ueli Hurter, Sundeep Kamath, Martin von Mackensen, Arizona Muse, Michael Olbrich-Majer, Jasmin Peschke, Tom Saat, Peter Selg, Vandana Shiva, Sherry Wildfeuer u.a.


Digital conference
The digital part of the conference consists of interactive events via Zoom and live streaming from the plenary events.
This hybrid format gives inter-national participants the chance to join in the discussion and to access parts of the in-person programme.