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On 21st April 2021, at 4pm CEST, Navdanya International will host a webinar on Earth Democracy and Ecocide, as well as the common thread that links Human Rights to the Rights of Mother Earth.

Register at http://bit.ly/NIWB214zmR

Globalization and corporate capitalism are characterized by the paradigm of separation and fragmentation, leading to a one-way extraction from nature and society that seeks only profit and leaves no room for cooperation, while sidelining ethical, cultural, and spiritual values and causing the crisis of Ecocide. Our common survival now demands a unification of ecological actions towards living economies, living democracies and a food and agriculture system that sustain life on earth. Mother Earth’s rights are also human rights, as human rights flow from the Earth which sustains us and gives us life. We need to give back to the Earth through a relationship based on the reciprocity between soil and society, shifting away from linearity, extraction and ecocide, to circularity, cooperation and sharing. This is the practice of Earth Democracy and it is also the practice of an ecological agriculture which maintains the web of life through the recognition of the intrinsic worth of all beings and embraces local communities in all their diversity.

Register at http://bit.ly/NIWB214zmR

This conversation, hosted by Navdanya International, will bring together Dr Vandana Shiva, President of Navdanya International; Nnimmo Bassey: director of Nigerian think-tank, Health of Mother Earth Foundation; Marie Toussaint, Member of the EU Parliament, founder and former president of the association Notre affaire à tous; Jojo Mehta, key spokesperson and Executive Director of Stop Ecocide International; Fernando Cabaleiro, Attorney at Law (University of Buenos Aires), founder of Naturaleza de Derechos, Argentina – who will thread together the importance of ecological action for Earth Democracy, and the Rights of Mother Earth. Dr. Vandana Shiva will also be releasing a new publication “Earth Democracy: the Connections between Rights of Mother Earth and Human rights”.

The conference will also be broadcast live on the Navdanya International Facebook Page.

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