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(A post-pandemic manifesto)

« People in every walk of life are trying to work out how to change their behaviour to fight climate change. One example is the Australian electro-funk band Formidable Vegetable, who have been turning down huge gigs including the Glastonbury festival in the UK and a show at the Sydney Opera House because they don’t want to fly. » BBC World Service Feb 2020.

Watch the music video animated by Dropbear and beautifully illustrated by Brenna Quinlan.

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A call to action for these trying times, Climate Movement is a collaboration between eco-funk/swing band, Formidable Vegetable and internationally renowned EDM producer, Spoonbill. In an increasingly chaotic and destructive world, Permaculture is one of the best tools for designing community-scale solutions for regenerative global change. This is an anthemic and heartfelt invitation to summon the skills that you have and use them now with others around you to build the sustainable world we desperately need. Featuring Mal Webb on trombone, Kylie Morrigan on strings and high-end production of cinematic proportions, this track is history in the making. Get amongst it.

Website: www.formidablevegetable.com.au

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