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New GMOs must not be deregulated

The industrial agriculture lobby is on the offensive to avoid missing its opportunity with a second generation of GMOs, especially after Europe imposed strict rules on the first generation. Agribusiness’ main objective is to exempt  so-called “new breeding techniques”...

Gates to a Global Empire – Campaign

Download the Report Synthesis – Download the Full Report Conference video – Related articles Browse the Report – Related Webinars – The COVID public health crisis and its resulting economic devastation have accelerated calls to respond through the ‘Great...

Call to Action 2018: Our Bread, Our Freedom

Call to Action 2018-2019: Join us from all over the world to reclaim our poison-free, gmo-free, local, agrobiodiverse and agroecological food heritage. Food systems are either sources of nourishment forging the foundations of human health and well-being or one...

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