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“First the GMO industry said they would reduce chemical use through Bt-Ht GMOs that were supposed to control pests and weeds. Chemical use increased, and GMO Bt cotton is plagued by pests, herbicide tolerant crops are being overtaken by super weeds.
The industry is now trying to save itself with the promise of GMO “super bananas” to deal with Vit A deficiency. As Mantasa’s research has shown, the super banana is based on Biopriracy of Vit A rich indigenous bananas.
We don’t need more false claims of GMOs based on piracy of indigenous biodiversity and knowledge.
The GMO banana project based on biopiracy must stop”.

Vandana Shiva

Read more abour NO GMO BANANA CAMPAIGN: http://seedfreedom.info/campaign/no-gmo-banana-campaign/

Seed Freedom Presents: We Don’t Want No Pirate Banana

with Charlie Mgee from the Formidable Vegetable Sound System



Yes! we have many Bananas,
we have many bananas today.
We don’t want your Pirate Bananas.
Take your pirate bananas away


¡No queremos piratas bananos!
¡Piratas Fuera de aqui!
¡No queremos piratas bananos!
¡Piratas Fuera de aqui!


Tuna aina nyingi za ndizi
Tuzilinde na kuzipanda
Hatutaki zilizobadilishwa nasaba
Tuna uhuru wa kuchagua

Lyrics Translations


Ya! Kami punya banyak pisang
Banyak pisang hari ini
Kami tidak mau pisang bajakanmu
Bawa pisang bajakanmu pergi