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A new vision for Planetary Citizenship

By 2030, an urbanized expanse equal to the whole of South Africa will be added to the already urbanised land. Fertile land has been eroded at a rate between 10 and 40 times superior to its regenerative capacity. In the last 60 years, 40% percent of wars have been caused by climate, land and resources issues.

The war in Syria and Boko Haram terrorism have been spawned, among others, by climate change.

The current industrial agricultural model has been a failure. Completely intertwined as it is with the dominant economic model, which is based on extraction and never on reintegration, on economic systems that are life-destroying and cause the extinction of animal and vegetable species, it eventually leads to ecosystem collapse.

This model is for the benefit of the few, and is the cause of economic injustice, dangerous instability, desperate poverty, hunger and unemployment. For the first time in the history of humanity, the future of the human species is no longer certain: climate catastrophes, conflicts and war are pushing us to the brink ofecological, economic and social collapse.

However we can choose another path. A path based on global citizenship and the sharing of resources, a path which aims for a circular economy based on regeneration of resources. Agriculture plays a key role within this new vision. The new agriculture restores fertility to the land through organic regenerative farming practices. It ensures farmers receive fair pay thus enabling them to remain on their land, while continuing to provide food to cities and communities. It exchanges a linear process of exploitation of land and resources with a circular process based on reintegration and regeneration which in turn guarantees resilience, sustainability, justice and peace. This new agriculture is part of a process which aims to redefine the very concepts of democracy and freedom. It is capable of generating both a new economy and a new democracy; Earth Democracy.

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Film Nights for the Earth / Cineforum: Serate per la nostra Terra

Florence, Italy — January – June 2016






Lauch of Citizen’s pact on World Soil Day

PARIS, FRANCE – 5 December 2015









Pact for the Earth – Terra Viva, Earth Democracy

November – December 2015

Sow the future






18 November 2015

Why Soil matters?: A European perspective

Brussels, Belgium – Public Conference organised by The Greens / EFA






VIDEO – Vandana Shiva: “We are nothing without living soil”

Greens EFA – Published on 6 Oct 2015

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23 October 2015

Terra Viva: il suolo, beni comuni e futuro / Terra Viva: our soil, our commons, our future

Florence, Italy






On World Food Day, Celebrating the Power of Regenerative Organic Farming

Washigton DC — Press conference hosted by the nonprofit organization Regeneration International and featuring a panel of 10 international experts on organic agriculture, carbon sequestration, and world hunger.

Common Dreams, 16 October 2015

World Food Day






16 October 2015

Which Future of Food and Farming

By Dr Vandana Shiva





16 October 2015

The Future of Food: From Degeneration to Regeneration

Washington DC, USA

Dr Vandana Shiva, Andre Leu - President of IFOAM, Ronnie Cummins - Organic Consumers Association, Will Allen - author of "The War on Bugs" and others, taking a pledge of non-violence to the Earth and to the soil in front of Bapu Kuti, Mahatma Gandhi's hut at Sevagram ashram, in memory of Mahatma Gandhi and Sir Albert Howard, on Gandhi's birth anniversary 2 October 2015.






2 – 5 October 2015

Touch the Earth – Soil Yatra — “A pilgrimage towards a nonviolent relationship with soil”

By Dr Vandana Shiva — The Asian Age, 8 October 2015









2 – 5 October 2015

Press Release –Touch the Earth – Soil Yatra: “A pilgrimage towards a nonviolent relationship with soil”

by Navdanya

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2 October 2015
Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary, 2015

Gandhi-Howard Soil Pledge

Taken at Bapu Kutir, Sewagram Ashram, Vidarbha, Maharastra, India
On the occasion of the Soil Pilgrimage,
Year of Soil, 2015

Touch the Earth Pilgrimage Flyer-page-001








2 – 5 October 2015

Touch the Earth: A soil Pilgrimage

Maharashtra – Madhya Pradesh, India

Bhoomi front side






1st October 2015

Bhoomi Maati Maa: the Festival of The Living Soil

New Delhi, India









6 September 2015

SOS Save Our Seeds March & Rally

Santa Rosa CA, USAT








4 – 5 September 2015

Soil Not Oil International Conference

Richmond CA, USA

2 September 2015






Terra Viva – The Choice to make

 Niger Delta Village evacuated because of Shell Pollution







27 July 2015

Stemming the Tide Together: Soil, Not Oil

By Dr Vandana Shiva and Nnimmo Bassey







July 2015

Seed Freedom and Soil not Oil in Nigeria







28 July 2015, Abbasanta, Italy

Sardigna Terra Bia – V° Workshop Nazionale e Internazionale ISDE Italia e Sardegna sulla Salute Globale con Vandana Shiva

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/-pEtV73XbZQ [Italian, English]









9-12 July 2015, Chieri, Italy

International Festival of the Commons / Festival Internazionale dei Beni Comuni







13 July 2015
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/rkEEvNC0eVQ [Italian]

Maria Grazia Mammuccini presents Terra Viva

Navdanya International

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26 – 27 June 2015

Celebrating Soil! Celebrating Life! Conference

Amsterdam, The Netherlands







Press Release
2 May 2015

Presentation of “Terra Viva”, Civil Society’s Manifesto for a New Social, Economic Pact
and Agricultural Pact

Milan, Italy



Ordinary citizens across Europe are stepping in to help refugees where their governments have failed

By Cassie Werber – Quartz, 1 September 2015





Worldwide displacement hits all-time high as war and persecution increase

UNHCR, 18 June 2015

Over-grazing and desertification in the Syrian steppe are the root causes of war






Over-grazing and desertification in the Syrian steppe are the root causes of war

By Gianluca Serra – The Ecologist, 5 June 2015