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On this International Women’s Day, we honour Shakti which is the primordial, creative, feminine, dynamic energy that sustains life and embodies the power to act in non-violent creative form. In many earth-based cultures we know Shakti through different names: Mother Nature, Gaia, Pachamama, Sky Woman and Inang Kalikasan.

Today, we honor this feminine energy through respect and reverence for life, to protect life, seeds, food and our biodiversity. All of which are under attack by the colonial, capitalist corporations and their GMO Imperialism.

By standing up to the power of these corporations that seek to destroy life, through unhealthy and unsafe chemical monocultures of food that harm our bodies and the body of Mother Earth, today we re-commit to the feminine life force in nature, in women, in seeds and in our lands.

Join the Declaration in Defense of our Biodiversity, Seed and Food Freedom

Join us this March 12-16 2024, for a series of events in Mexico City to continue building a common strategy against the further imposition of new and old GMOs around the world. Sharing experiences, struggles and solidarity in defense of Biodiversity, Food and Seed Freedom.

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