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Join us at India International Centre on 1 st OCT for @NavdanyaBija Bhoomi Festival on “Climate Change and the Future of Food” Register with finance@navdanya.net pic.twitter.com/ehO1c4XsIN — Dr. Vandana Shiva (@drvandanashiva) August 20, 2023

Call to Action 2023

– From the 2nd to the 16th of October 2023 (and beyond…), organize People’s Assemblies, Events, or Actions to reclaim and reshape our food system, in parks, squares, gardens, schools and communities – – wherever you are to take...

How Green is Lab-Meat?

Synthetic foods are the next generation of ultra-processed foods made through the hyper-processing of industrially produced crops, a combination of processed and artificial ingredients and completely new ingredients produced through synthetic biology, (or so called ‘precision fermentation’), and cell-culturing....