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Food for Health and Freedom

Biodiversity for a Healthy Planet and Healthy People Extract from the Manifesto Food for Health – Cultivating Biodiversity, Cultivating Health Graphic Project: Navdanya International Design & Print: PRINTFORCE First edition, March 2019 Download Pdf

Food for Health Manifesto

The Food for Health Manifesto aims to give voice, hope and future to all those who wish to commit themselves to act and consume in keeping with a new sustainable food for health paradigm. Additionally, this Manifesto is intended to be used as a tool to help mobilize the urgent  transition to local, ecological and diversified […]

Υπόσχεση για Τροφή και Γεωργία Ελεύθερες από Δηλητήρια 2030

Υπόσχεση να Αποτρέψουμε την Έκτη Μαζική Εξαφάνιση και την Κλιματική Καταστροφή μέσω Βιολογικών Κοινοτήτων απαλλαγμένων από Δηλητήρια και Ορυκτά Καύσιμα – Τα σημάδια είναι έντονα και σαφή. Από τη Γη. Από διαφορετικά είδη. Από έντομα. Από την επιστήμη. Από τις γυναίκες. Από τα παιδιά. Από τις αυτόχθονες κοινότητες. Από την αύξηση των ασθενειών στην καθημερινότητά […]

Road map: the route towards transformation

The transition towards local, ecological and diverse food systems is a social, economic and democratic imperative  Civic actions Save grow and reproduce traditional seed varieties to safeguard biodiversity. They need to be saved not as museum pieces in germplasm banks, but in living Seed Banks as a basis of a health care system Grow Gardens […]

The Future of our Daily Bread: Regeneration or Collapse

Our Food Systems are collapsing ecologically, socially and financially: an agroecological alternative  has become a survival imperative. Download Pdf Navdanya presents new evidence on the imminent collapse of our food systems – ecologically, socially and financially, if we continue on the path of industrial agriculture, based on chemicals, monocultures and corporate control of food and […]

Food for Health Fact-Sheet

Food for Health Manifesto: a few data – Environmental contaminants and pesticides More than 80,000 new chemicals and 20 million by-products have been on the market since World War II. Since 1945, global pesticide production has increased about 26 times: from 0.1 to 2.7 million tonnes. http://www.questia.com/magazine/1G1-90161456/popsculture In Italy, pesticide residues were found in 67% […]

Leh Declaration – Earth Journey to Ladakh

«Today, 6th August 2018, Ladakh Autonomous Hill Council joins hands with the government of Sikkim, Navdanya and LEHO in Mission Organic Himalaya 2030« Leh Declaration, 6th August 2018 «While the Himalaya and Ladakh shape the climate of Asia, climate change driven by fossil fuel use over 200 years of industrialization is now changing the climate […]

Indonesia: an Agroecology Mobilization

Indonesia is a country with complex dynamics, rich in diversity, both in biological and sociocultural terms, which is paying the price of the myopic subjugation to the dogmas of productivity, without realizing the damage caused by it to the environment and its inhabitants. Indonesia’s civil society, however, is beginning to realize the dangers on the […]

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