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Analysis and classification of the results of SENASA’s official controls on the presence of pesticides in fruits, vegetables, cereals and oilseeds, between 2017 and 2019, throughout Argentina.

222 Pages. Naturaleza de Derechos. February 2021.


Excerpt in Spanish from the publication

Food for Health Manifesto

Cultivating Biodiversity, Cultivating Health

Coordinated by Navdanya International

Authors: Renata Alleva, Sergio Bernasconi, Piero Bevilacqua, Lucio Cavazzoni, Salvatore Ceccarelli, Guy D’hallewin, Nadia El-Hage Scialabba, Hilal Elver, Richard Falk, Patrizia Gentilini, Jacopo Gabriele Orlando, Srinath Reddy, Mira Shiva, Vandana Shiva. © 2019 English Edition India by Navdanya/Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Environment.


Information & editing: Fernando Cabaleiro.

Contributors: Eduardo Martín Rossi, Verónica García Christhensen & Rocío Crespo.

Photos on Agroecology: Todo Manso.