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Winter visit

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On Monday 13th February, we began winter explorations to local organic farms, starting with amazing Agriturismo Agrihouse, organic farm located in the municipality of Bracciano.

Barbara and Gessica, two sisters who are running the family Agrihouse farm, guided the group in the discovery of their beautiful farm and its biodiversity.

The participants met the farm animals, discovered the different crops on the farm and observed the surrounding agro-ecosystem and its complexity.

Divided into groups, participants experimented a first attempt to catalogue and recognise wild biodiversity through the use of digital apps PlantNet, Herbarium, iNaturalist and Garden Answer.

They understood the importance of organic farming and the threats of climate crisis for wild & cultivated biodiversity, the role of animals in the farm ecosystem, the organic cultivation of olive trees and their pruning, observed the diversity of plants in the farm and tasted genuine and natural local products.

The young participants had the great opportunity to interact with local organic women farmers, talk to them and observe a local example of virtuous farming, developed in harmony with the surrounding environment, respecting biodiversity as well as human and animal health.

A small group of participants made a short video interview with the farmers, asking them questions about their work, organic farming, the difficulties they face, and the advantages of ecological versus industrial agriculture.

During each seasonal visit other participants will produce further interviews with farmers which will later be used for the public restitution of project results & outcomes.