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While the consciousness of the Earth as living, the awareness of the Rights of Mother Earth, and the movement of environment justice is growing, the dominant system is extending and deepening the false assumptions of Ecological and Human apartheid and Anthropocentrism. The 1 % is offering the disease as the cure.

In an ecologically interconnected world, denial of the rights of nature translates into denial of human rights. Denial of nature ‘s rights leads to destruction of nature and a threat to the very conditions of human survival. The same constructs that lead to violence against nature and her destruction become the basis of violence against fellow human beings. Non-sustainability and injustice are part of the same process.

The mechanistic view of separation and atomisation is blind to the fact that the Earth and her resources are living, and humans as part of the Earth have the potential to regenerate resources, create wealth cooperatively in abundance and share it equitably. The mechanistic world view ignores the interconnectedness and widespread cooperation among species for mutual support and the gift of life.

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