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A broad coalition of environment and progressive farmers organisations, launches a petition urging the EU to keep GM food strictly regulated and labelled.

Big chemical and seed corporations want to push new genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on the market, forcing genetically modified food onto our fields and plates without us knowing about it.

These companies have been lobbying the European Commission for years to exclude new GMOs from the European GMO regulation, making unsubstantiated claims on the supposed benefits for sustainability, pesticide reduction and climate. But as they also hold patents on the seeds engineered with these techniques, their true motivation remains to increase their profits.

Excluding new GMOs from the current GMO regulation would prevent farmers, food producers, retailers, and citizens from opting for GM-free choices. We have the right to decide what we eat and grow in our fields!

Sign the petition to urge European decision makers to take a strong stand against any attempts to exclude new GMOs from the existing EU GMO legislation and to uphold mandatory safety checks, transparency and labelling for all GMOs to guarantee the safety of our food, as well as to protect nature, the environment and our freedom of choice.

Sign the petition to say #IChooseGMOfree.

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