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Earth Justice, 10 July 2019 | Source

Honolulu, HI — Hawai‘i’s Agribusiness Development Corporation (ADC) has violated the federal Clean Water Act by polluting ocean waters along Kauaʻi’s West Side without a permit, a federal court ruled yesterday. Community groups Na Kia‘i Kai, Surfrider Foundation, and Pesticide Action Network — represented by Earthjustice — sued the state agency for each day discharging millions of gallons of waters contaminated with pesticides, sediment, and heavy metals from the drainage ditch system it operates on the Mānā Plain. […] The Court’s order, issued by federal district court judge Derrick K. Watson, requires ADC to obtain and comply with a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit to monitor and limit pollution levels from the drainage ditches. The agency had a permit for pollution from the drainage ditches until August 2015, when it withdrew its permit renewal application.

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“Pesticides and GMOs are leaving Kauai, thanks to Gary Hooser’s courageous leadership and the Kauai teams who worked diligently. Special thanks to Dr Vandana Shiva who Jan, 2013 woke us up and said: “They have been here long enough, It is time for the pesticide companies to go”. Much gratitude to Many. This is another achievement for coherent collective consciousness for the Aina of Kauai” — MichaelCoon and Jenica K. Waymen, July 2019

Navdanya made a first mobilization tour in Hawaii with Dr Vandana Shiva in 2013, titled “Raise Awareness, Inspire Change“, in collaboration with Center for Food Safety. “From a groundbreaking march to the state capitol with a peaceful, powerful rally, to the largest turnout in the history of Kaua’i at the Kaua’i Convention Center, the tour was a huge success, and ignited and empowered the food movement in Hawaii. And since the 2013 tour, the forward motion has only increased on the island. A law passed on the Big Island that bans new GE crop planting, and a historic law took effect on Kaua’i to establish buffer zones between GE fields and schools, hospitals and residential areas”.

Again in 2015 a Home Rule tour was organised to join community leaders from across Hawaii on Oahu and Maui, in collaboration with Center for Food Safety, Hawai’i Seed and other local movements, to share stories from the frontlines of the global movement and help bring Hawaii’s story to the rest of the world.

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