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In continuation of the collaboration with the association Punti di Vista and Tulane University of New Orleans, Navdanya was invited for the 2nd year to hold a workshop on glyphosate and poisons in food and agriculture, in the framework of the course “Food Security and Resilience”, which aims at offering a broad analysis on the present food system to students interested in working in the field of international cooperation. Navdanya’s workshop was focused on the evidence shown by hundreds of independent scientific studies published, which have exposed the disastrous impact of glyphosate herbicides on human health and the environment, as well as on the flaws, loopholes, false myths, conflict of interest between industry and institutions which characterize the regulation system and the risk assessment procedures at global level, also considering that last November the EU approved the renewal of glyphosate license for 5 years, in spite of strong opposition from civil society movements, and the evidence emerged from some investigations, such as the Monsanto Papers, on sometimes criminal strategies implemented by industry to keep its products on the market. It was also a good opportunity to frame the pesticides issue in the much broader issue of the present broken agricultural food system which is deeply connected to the environmental, economic, health and social crisis we face today.