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Our campaign for Poison Free Food and Farming 2030

Vandana Shiva’s call for action at the Italian Chamber of Deputies

On 7 March 2019, Navdanya International organized a press conference at the Press Room of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, for the launch of its campaign for  Poison Free Food and Faming 2030.  Participating were Vandana Shiva – President of Navdanya International, Ulrich Veith – Mayor of Mals, Davide Marino – Roma Tre University, Nadia El-Hage Scialabba – TMG Think tank for Sustainability-Berlin, and Patrizia Gentilini of the ISDE (International Society of Doctors for the Environment). Also attending were representatives of local movements from the north of Italy, that are protesting against the massive use of pesticides that are poisoning the countryside, together with Italian parliamentarians, members of the Agriculture Commission. Read more

The POISON FREE FOOD AND FARMING 2030 Campaign is an invitation to women and young generations, citizens and people in institutions, indigenous people everywhere, farmers, producers and consumers of food, local communities north and south, from the local to the global, who are already mobilizing to defend the earth and future generations, to create a unified movement for change. Read more

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Recent Campaign Activities

Navdanya International’s Mobilization Tour in Italy for Poison-free Food and Farming with Vandana Shiva

Navdanya's President, Dr Vandana Shiva, joined the team in Italy from 9 to 13 April for an ecological mobilization tour that touched several  destinations: Campobasso, Bassano del Grappa, Bolzano, Mals in South Tyrol, Trento and Turin. The tour was an opportunity for Navdanya International to witness the extent and impact of intensive monocultures on communities on the one hand and the strong will of citizens to join forces in opposing this toxic trend in agriculture on the other. Read more

A coalition of scientists, doctors, jurists and economists against art. 6 and 8 of the new Italian ‘Emergency Decree’

A coalition of scientists, doctors, jurists and economists, led by ISDE – International Society of Doctors for the Environment and Navdanya International, launched a call to Italian Parliamentarians to revoke art. 6 and 8 of the new Legislative Decree no. 152/2006, also known as the ‘Emergency Decree’, which allows public authorities to act in derogation of important public health regulations and environmental protection standard. If articles 6 and 8 of the Decree are not urgently modified, as of today, with the pretext of another agronomic emergency, government will be able to override a constitutional civil principle as fundamental as it is elementary: the right of all people to a safe, clean and healthy environment. Read more

USA Northeast Journey for Poison Free Food and Farming – Highlights

Navdanya International and Friends of Navdanya USA, in collaboration with Sterling College and movements of the USA North East, organised the “Northeast Earth Journey for Poison-free Food and Farming” across Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York in early May 2019. The international pledge for “Poison-Free Food & Farming by 2030” was presented to state policymakers and collaborating advocacy organizations. Read more

Launch of the Food for Health Manifesto in California

In collaboration with Friends of Navdanya and Becket Films (The Seeds of Vandana Shiva), Dr Vandana Shiva, president of Navdanya International launched the Food for Health Manifesto in Santa Barbara, California, on 12 May 2019. Members of the Group of Experts, Hilal Elver, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Richard Falk, Professor of International Law Emeritus at Princeton University, along with Mary Jacobs, Friends of Navdanya USA,  joined Dr Vandana Shiva at the event. Read more


Food for Health Manifesto

The Food for Health Manifesto aims to give voice, hope and future to all those who wish to commit themselves to act and consume in keeping with a new sustainable food for health paradigm. Additionally, this Manifesto is intended to be used as a tool to help mobilize the urgent  transition to local, ecological and diversified food systems  Read more/Download

The Future of our Daily Bread: Regeneration or Collapse

Navdanya presents new evidence on the imminent collapse of our food systems - ecologically, socially and financially, if we continue on the path of industrial agriculture, based on chemicals, monocultures and corporate control of food and farming. Read more/Download

Other Activities

Sowing the seeds of transition towards climate resilience and agroecology

France, February 2019 – Continuing on the work started in Paris at COP21 in 2015 and the Pact for the Earth, a series of events were organised in France with Dr Vandana Shiva, in collaboration with the association SOL to promote the transition towards poison-free, climate resilient and organic food systems. Read more

Navdanya International joins #StopISDS Campaign

On January 22, 2019, at the start of the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos 150+ European organisations, trade unions and social movements launched a new campaign called “Rights for People and Rules for Corporations – Stop ISDS”. Corporations have their own global private court system and many victims of corporate human rights abuses don’t have any way of gaining justice. Read more

Agrochemicals, Socio-environmental Impacts and Human Rights: I International Seminar – III National Seminar in Brazil

From 10-13 December 2018, civil society movements from ten countries gathered in Goiás, Brazil, along with family farmers, indigenous communities, scholars and professionals in different fields and social organizations. The event led to the creation of a Latin American network to combat agrotoxics and promote agroecology. In the meeting's final document, the Letter of Goiás (Carta de Goiás), participants denounce the social and environmental reality of their countries, the impacts of the agro-industrial model,  as well as corporate control on governments and its consequences, calling for urgent measures to be instituted. Read more

Launch of “Stop Pesticides March” coordination task force in Italy

In December 2018, citizens’ committees of Italy, from Verona, Treviso, Bolzano and Trento,  along with Navdanya International, ISDE, Legambiente Verona and Aveprobi created the “Stop Pesticides March” coordination task force, This year’s Stop Pesticides March Day will take place on 19 May in multiple locations across Italy. Read more

Visions for Agriculture 2050 in Berlin

On 29 November 2018, an unusual panel debate took place in Berlin which saw promoters and defenders of ecological farming on the one side, led by Vandana Shiva, and those claiming industrial farming is the way to go on the other, led by  Norbert Lemken, head of the agriculture politics department of Bayer AG. Read more


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