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A black January for agribusiness: GMOs rejected over three continents

Mexico, Peru & Tanzania closed the doors to GMOs, while the Italian Govt. was pushed by a strong civil society campaign, to confirm the ban to old GMOs & new NBTs.
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In a world where our surroundings are becoming more and more artificial, food and agriculture stand as one of the last frontiers that must not be co-opted by these false solutions. Especially when we know that agroecology, food sovereignty and diversity can serve as real solutions to our multiple crises. Read more / Español - Italiano

India 1993: 500k farmers participated in a historic Seed Freedom rally against the WTO. Today's Farmers' Protests are a continuation of those earlier protests and against the World Bank conditionalities being made law. Read more
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Biodiversity is pivotal to human and planetary health, completely entwining biodiverse natural systems into a continuum, through our food systems, into human health. Read more
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Big success for a coalition of environmental and farmers' organisations in Italy who have prevented the government from passing 4 bills which would have let old and new GMO crops into the country. Read more / Italiano
The lobby behind Italy’s opening to GMOs

A new offensive in favour of NBTs and #GMOs is starting from Italy as part of the ongoing lobbying campaign carried out by Big Agribusiness in Europe. Read more / Italiano

In Italy, agro-ecological practices provide a thriving alternative to a production model that is harmful to the environment, people’s health, and the local economy. Read more
Gates to a Global Empire

The same patterns of an aggressively imposed consensus through direct influence over all global development actors, repeat over and over again, while technocratic solutionism, powered by an “unholy alliance” between the science and technology institutions, states, and big capital, is embodied by the Gates’ Foundation and dangerously put into accelerated action through a philanthropic development. Read more
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