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From November 7- 18 COP 27 will be taking place in Egypt, in the wake of yet another year of unprecedented climate chaos, skyrocketing fossil fuel profits, and little to no climate action taken from the previous COP. Time is critically running out for climate action.

In a new article by Navdanya International, “What is Missing from the Climate Debate”, the details are laid out on key aspects missing from the current climate debate.
In recent years the role of food systems in climate change has become more prominent. And while it's important to address the central role food systems play in climate, the debate has been reduced into dualistic narratives around plant versus animal, and percentages of CO2 emissions, instead of addressing the larger crisis of how current industrial practices are destroying Earth’s ecosystems and cycles.
As said by Navdanya International President, Dr. Vandana Shiva, "The destabilisation of the Earth’s climate systems is the consequence of violating the ecological processes and cycles of the earth, violating the Rights of the Earth, Rights of Indigenous People, and the Rights of Future Generations.”
The dangers of such reductionism, is a greenwashing that omits the real root of ecological destruction- industrial systems in all their iterations, while distracting from intentions to greater control food supply chains by erasing the last of small farmers.  
 “Fossil fuels have driven how we grow our food and produce our clothing over the past century. Energy slaves have been used to displace the creative work of farmers who care for the land and craftspeople in creating beauty and culture,” explains Dr. Shiva.
The climate emergency we are facing today is part of several interlocking crises involving our health, our soils, ecosystems, our society and the biodiversity on the planet. It is a symptom of the broader ecological crisis being perpetuated by an extractivist and profit-driven system. It is not just the disruption of carbon cycles, but the disruption and rupture of many of the Earth’s cycles such as, the nitrogen cycle, water cycle, carbon cycle, air flow cycles and cycles of biodiverse life. 
This means that to understand how to slow, adapt and heal climate chaos, it is fundamental to understand how each of the planetary cycles is being ruptured and thrown off balance, and not just attempt to ‘solve’ carbon emissions. If we continue to reduce the climate narrative to simply an issue of reducing carbon emissions to ‘net zero’, without understanding and addressing the other aspects of greater ecological collapse, climate chaos will only continue. 
Dr. Shiva reminds us, “Our ecological duty is to stop the harm, and prevent the greenwashing to regenerate the Living Earth, her ecosystems, our Seed Freedom and Food Freedom through Earth Democracy."
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