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To celebrate World Biodiversity Day, Navdanya International presents Biodiversity is Health.

Our human health is completely dependent on the health of our ecosystems. The health of every being on the planet is deeply connected to the overall health of the web of diverse beings that make up our ecosystems. Through a continuum from the biodiversity of the soil, the diversity and interrelationships of cultivated and wild plants and animals, the biodiversity of seed and the diversity of Earth’s processes, ecosystems are built, move in resilience and renew the Earth’s cycles.

We break down how all levels of biodiversity have a direct and tangible tie to human health. Especially as an intimate connection exists between the biodiversity of our diets and gut, and our surrounding ecosystems, making health a continuum.

Biodiversity is, hence, needed at every level of the food system.

With the rise of industrial agriculture, health has been removed from consideration under the myth of higher productivity. This means that environmental degradation and the destruction of biodiversity, leading to  the depletion of the diversity of nutrients, crops, seeds  has a direct effect on human overall health.

In the wake of this health and biodiversity crises, it becomes even more important to transition to a biodiversity-based agroecological food system based on cultivating care and health of both people and nature.

The future of our food and agriculture systems is shown by small farmers, local communities and gardeners who are already implementing biodiversity-based organic agroecology, which preserves and rejuvenates the health continuum between the soil, plants, animals, food and humans. Acting as a holistic paradigm shift where diversity in all areas is cultivated for ecological resilience and health.

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