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On World Health Day, 7th of April, let us remember that we are one Earth Family on one planet, healthy in our diversity and interconnectedness. The planet’s health and our health are non-separable. We can be linked worldwide through the spread of disease, like the Coronavirus, when we invade the homes of other species, manipulate plants and animals for commercial profits and greed, and spread monocultures. Or we can be connected through health and wellbeing for all by protecting the diversity of ecosystems and protecting the biodiversity, integrity, and self-organization (autopoiesis) of all living beings, including humans. Read more

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Ecological Reflections on the Corona virus


By Dr Vandana Shiva – Jivad, The Vandana Shiva Blog, 18 March 2020
"[...] The Corona crisis, and the response to the crisis, needs to become the grounds for stopping processes that degenerate our health and the planet’s health, and start the process that regenerates both.Let not the social isolation required in a health emergency become a permanent pattern of separation, destroying community and social cohesion. The future depends on our oneness as humanity on one planet. Let not the cautions of today be cemented into a permanent climate of fear and isolation. We need each other and the Earth to create resilience in times of emergency, and to regenerate health and wellbeing in the post Coronavirus world [...]" . Read more


Navdanya International‘s report "The Future of Food - Farming with Nature, Cultivating the Future" outlines the attacks of agro-business lobbies and the negative consequences that investments by large agro-industrial companies have on land, soil, biodiversity, human health and small and medium agricultural producers. The transformation that counteracts all of this has, nonetheless, already begun and  Navdanya points out as well the actions from the bottom up, that are capable of revolutionizing the current productive system.  Read more
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Launch of Navdanya's new report in Florence

“Do we want to work in harmony with the laws of nature, or continue with the violence against the earth by eating food produced in laboratories and from an increasingly artificial agriculture?  We want food which comes from an agriculture that cares for the earth, which provides the solution to the ecological climate and health crises”.  This was how Vandana Shiva, president of Navdanya International, opened the evening presentation of the new report “The Future of Food, Farming with Nature, Cultivating the Future”, on Saturday 9 November in Florence. Read more


REWILDING FOOD, REWILDING FARMING, Vandana Shiva - The Ecologist, 24 January 2020
"Real farming is farming with nature, in nature’s ways, which are the laws of ecology. Real food is a by-product of the economy of care for the land. It protects the life of all beings on earth and also nourishes our health and wellbeing [...] Through real food we can decolonise our food cultures and our consciousness. We can remember that food is living and gives us life. Food is the currency of life".

"The empire of the 1 per cent destroys identity and meaning that flow from work and place, dividing societies and manufacturing enemies, to divide and rule everything, everywhere [...] In these times of limitless greed and manufactured division and hate, we resist by living and thinking through, and with, our diversities as one humanity on one planet. We grow gardens of diversity. We weave garlands of love".
THE SEED WAR, Manlio Masucci - Navdanya International, 17 March 2020 (The original article was first published in Italian in Terra Nuova magazine, February 2020)
"From India to the rest of the world, corporations are trying to extend control over the first link of our food chain. Navdanya seed banks were created to protect biodiversity threatened by high chemical input monocultures promoted by the Green Revolution" .

AN AGROECOLOGICAL TRANSFORMATION TO TACKLE CLIMATE CHANGE, Manlio Masucci - Navdanya International, 2 March 2020 (The original article was first published in Italian in Terra Nuova magazine, November 2019)
As Vandana Shiva argues, "biodiversity increases resilience, returning more carbon to the soil, and improving the soil's ability to withstand drought, flooding and erosion. Less diverse or monoculture-based ecosystems are extremely vulnerable and unsustainable".  - Also see "Biodiversity, Agroecology, Regenerative Organic Agriculture: Sustainable Solutions For Hunger, Poverty and Climate Change", Vandana Shiva & Andre Leu.

POISONED APPLES AND BRAVE MAYORS, Manlio Masucci - Navdanya International, 23 November 2019
"The April tour in Trentino Alto Adige, organized as part of Navdanya International’s campaign for Poison-free Food and Farming, gave the Navdanya team the opportunity to observe the state of degradation of an immense territory under assault of industrial monocultures".

Campaign Activities

Launch of the process for the creation of a “Roman Hills” Biodistrict/Eco-Region

To create a “Bio-district of Roman Hills” on the outskirts of Rome, the largest agricultural municipality in Europe. This is the aim of the organizing committee’s coordination group of the “Biodistretto delle Colline e dei Castelli Romani”, who presented the initiative at the Tor Vergata Botanical Garden of the University of Rome on February 14, 2020. Read more

XI Brazilian Congress of Agroecology

In continuation of our work with Latin American movements, Navdanya International, in collaboration with Latin American groups organised workshops on the Poison-free Food and Farming 2030 Campaign at the XI Brazilian Congress of AgroecologyRead more

“Another World is Possible” – Mobilization Tour in Germany

A series of events were organised in Germany from 17 – 21 January 2020, in collaboration with Colabora – Let’s work together and multiple local civil society movements, to promote the transition towards poison-free, climate resilient and organic food systems. Read more
Join the European Citizens’ Initiative to #SaveBeesAndFarmers


Also read: Vandana Shiva supports the ECI against Pesticides

Other Publications

Food for Health Manifesto

The Food for Health Manifesto aims to give voice, hope and future to all those who wish to commit themselves to act and consume in keeping with a new sustainable food for health paradigm. Additionally, this Manifesto is intended to be used as a tool to help mobilize the urgent  transition to local, ecological and diversified food systems.  Read more/Download

Ongoing Campaign

The POISON FREE FOOD AND FARMING 2030 Campaign is an invitation to women and young generations, citizens and people in institutions, indigenous people everywhere, farmers, producers and consumers of food, local communities north and south, from the local to the global, who are already mobilizing to defend the earth and future generations, to create a unified movement for change. Read more

In the News

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'Tip of the iceberg': is our destruction of nature responsible for Covid-19?, The Guardian, 18 March 2020
Shareholder files suit against Bayer over “disastrous” Monsanto acquisition, USRTK, 6 March 2020
Guest Blog: Herbicide-free on campus and beyond, By Mackenzie Feldman, 25 February 2020
Study on Monsanto’s herbicide Glyphosate persistence in GM corn farming communiy in Capiz presented, Masipag, 20 February 2020
Health, environment and climate are not negotiable, Seattle to Brussels Network, 20 February 2020
Firms making billions from ‘highly hazardous’ pesticides, analysis finds, The Guardian, 20 February 2020
Focus on food would help solve climate change, says study, By Earth Institute, Columbia University – Phys Org, 19 February 2020
Fraud in German laboratory casts additional doubts on the 2017 re-approval of glyphosate and on the entire EU pesticide safety evaluation procedure, Pesticide Action Network Europe, 11 February 2020
Killer Slime, Dead Birds, an Expunged Map: The Dirty Secrets of European Farm Subsidies, New York Times, 25 December 2019

Farmer-scientist group condemns Golden Rice approval, Masipag, 19 December 2019
Brussels to outlaw use of insecticide chlorpyrifos, Deutsche Welle, 6 December 2019
WTO Shutdown: How the Food Sovereignty Movement Helped Bring Down the World Trade Organization (WTO), Common Dreams, 27 November 2019
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